Who is writing this? I know for a fact that it’s not me.

Why am I writing this? I don’t know why. I plunge into the depth of my mind looking for answers just like a diver does to look for precious pearls underneath the surface of the ocean. Unlike him, I have no sea bed to limit myself. I plunge deeper and deeper and still, I find nothing. But more importantly, I find no boundary of limit. I know that I need to find what I’m looking for. I look at myself. Donned with diving suits and padded feet, I look at what has become of me. I accept it. I am a sea diver. My aim is to find the pearls that I’ve ever so longed for through this journey of mine. The journey has crossed limitless oceans and seas by now. I have seen the darkness in the depth of the waters. The fishes and the vegetation in the water pass by me as I move along in my pursuit.

Suddenly it struck me. What if I was not the diver who was meant to be looking for pearls? Accepting the fact that I’m a diver doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to accept that sea pearls are what I have to look for. Society and tradition defines that I look for pearls.

What if I didn’t want to?

What if I was travelling along the lines of a race track that was a rainbow and I was merely travelling through the wrong colour?

What if I was meant to be one to look for broken and sunken ships??

What if I was meant to be one to look out for new breeds of life?

What if……?

There are answers out there. The only thing you need to ask yourself is, ‘ARE YOU ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTION?’

Once you get that right, suddenly, the oceans and seas that you’ve travelled all along won’t be as dark anymore. You were only looking for something other than what you were meant to look for.


Ask your own questions and find their answers. That will shape you out to lead a better life within as well as out of socially constructed confines. Don’t let anyone else live your life or ask you to live by any imaginary limits.



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